SSWoT : International workshop on Smart Service for the Web of Things 

November 12, 2018 Hangzhou Zhejiang, China



The SSWoT workshop seeks for paper submissions in a wide range of Web of Thnigs related topics including but not limited to the following : 

  • Service provisioning for WoT
  • Emergent properties of WoT
  • Security and privacy enforcement for WoT
  • Context aware service for the WoT
  • Adaptive and reconfigurable service for the WoT
  • Models and methodologies for validating service for the WoT
  • Semantic description of service for the WoT
  • Smart Composition of service for the WoT
  • Reasoning for the management of services for the WoT
  • Predictive management of service for the WoT.
  • Distributed service over edge / fog / cloud architecture for the WOT
  • Web API consuming data (linked open data, sensors, etc)
  • Case studies, scenarios, and experiences in practical service for the WoT
  • Tools and prototypes for service managing for the WoT
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